Don't Try This at Home

When it comes to caring for your hair, what you don’t do is as crucial as what you do. To help you take the best care of your tresses, our beauty professionals have created this list of watch-out’s.

DON'T make the turban towel-wrap a part of your post-shower beauty routine. Instead, you do want to allow your hair time to air dry a bit before styling, A towel wrap requires twisting, turning, and pulling on your mane, which can lead to nasty hair breakage --not ideal for more delicate hair types.

DON'T gather your thinning hair into tight hair bands, wrap hair bands around your head, or pull hair firmly into clips. When you have thin hair, “loose” is the key word. If you do use a hair band, look for a hair tie that is no-tug and glides easily. Or use a ribbon.

DON'T over-condition thinning hair, which can weigh it down and flatten it. Apply conditioner only to the bottom two-thirds of your hair strands, or choose a lightweight conditioner, such as a mist formulation.

DON'T sleep on a pillowcase made out of a rough fabric. Replace cotton cases with silky-smooth ones to reduce friction from overnight tossing and turning that can lead to tangles and breakage. (So Hollywood!)

DON'T beat yourself up due to hereditary hair loss--you did nothing wrong, and there's not one thing you could have or should have done differently. It's the luck of the genes—just like your eye color or complexion -- and was going to start happening no matter how many perms you had in your teens, or color jobs you sat through in your 20s.

DON'T avoid coloring your hair -- just stick to the right shades. That means no extremely light or dark hues, but instead select deep and rich shades that are close to your natural shade. Thinning hair can actually benefit from semi-permanent or permanent hair color to boost body. Just don't overdo it, as over-processing thin hair can damage it. And don’t go DIY (delicate hair responds differently to coloring). Instead, make an appointment with a professional stylist.

DON'T live in denial about your hair loss, relying on brush-overs and wigs. Hereditary hair loss can be treated with Women’s ROGAINE® Foam. Knowing the signs of hereditary hair loss is the first step towards learning if Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is right for you.

DON'T forget to turn down the shower water temperature. Some hair professionals maintain that a final rinse with cool water may close up cuticles and cause hair to swell slightly, making it appear thicker.

DON'T use hot rollers. Instead, try Velcro rollers that don't use heat. Set them for about 20 minutes while you finish applying makeup and getting ready.

DON'T let too much time pass between haircuts. Split ends can inch up your mane, making tresses look even thinner and strands sparser. Aim to trim at least one-half inch off every 6 weeks. 

DON'T sleep on a wet head. Fine hair just doesn't bounce back the same way thicker hair does. 

DON'T pull, tug, or yank at roots when brushing a wispy head of hair. This is a surefire way to deplete hairs and, hey, there are smarter ways to cool aggressions (yoga, anyone?).