Rogaine® Basics


See how the active ingredient in Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, minoxidil, stimulates inactive follicles from the inside out to regrow thicker, beautiful hair. 

Getting Started

To properly open your container of ROGAINE® Foam, follow these steps (or watch this quick video):

How to Open ROGAINE Foam

•  Step 1: Use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to hold the white plastic ring securely (you’ll find the white plastic ring around

the neck of the container, just below the translucent cap.)

•  Step 2: While holding the ring in place, use your other hand to twist the translucent cap until the arrow on the white plastic ring

lines up with the arrow on the translucent cap.

•  Step 3: Tilt cap back and pull off cap.

Open Rogaine Foam Container

To properly close the container:

•  Step 1: Place cap on container

•  Step 2: Snap into place

•  Step 3: Be sure arrows do NOT line up, so cap remains child resistant


How to apply Women's ROGAINE® Foam

5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol:

  • This product should be used once daily, every day.
  • To be effective, it is important to apply the product directly to your scalp and not to your hair so that it can easily get to your hair follicles to help regrow your hair.
  • There is no need to shampoo your hair before using the product. If you wish to shampoo your hair before applying Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, towel dry your hair so that the skin on the scalp is dry.
  • To open the container: Hold ring. While holding ring, twist cap to line up the arrow on the ring with the arrow on the cap. (Figure 1 below) Tilt cap back and pull off cap.
  • The foam may begin to melt on contact if your fingers are warm. Rinse your fingers in cold water first before dispensing. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before handling the foam.
  • Hold the can straight upside down, press nozzle to dispense half a capful of the foam onto a non-absorbent surface (Figure 2 below). The total amount of foam applied should not exceed half a capful.
  • Within your hair thinning areas, make a center part to help maximize scalp exposure. Part your hair at least two more times on each side of the center part (Figure 3 below).
  • Using your fingertips, spread just enough foam over the hair loss areas and gently massage the foam into the scalp starting from the back to front (forehead) direction (Figure 4 below). Use until all the foam is gone.
  • After each use, thoroughly clean and dry the dish or saucer if used.
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water after applying.
  • To close the container: Place cap on container and snap into place. Be sure arrows do not line up so cap remains child resistant. 


Hair loss expert Dr. Robert Leonard shows you how easy it is to use Women's ROGAINE® Topical Solution

2% Minoxidil Topical Solution:

This product should be used twice daily, every day.

To be effective, it is important to apply the product directly to your scalp and not to your hair so that it can easily get to your hair follicles to help regrow your hair.

 Directions for Use:

  1. Remove the overcap.
  2. Remove the inner cap. To remove, push down and turn in direction of the arrows on the cap.
  3. Part your hair in the areas of hair thinning/loss.  Follow the instructions below for using the dropper applicator and apply one mL 2 times a day directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area.  Do not use more.  Spread the liquid evenly over the hair loss area.  If you use your fingers, wash hands with soap and water immediately.  Each bottle should last about one month, if used as directed.  Use a mild shampoo if you wash your scalp before applying ROGAINE® Topical Solution.

Using the Dropper Applicator:

  1. Squeeze the rubber bulb and insert the dropper into the bottle.  Release the bulb, allowing the dropper to fill to the 1mL line.  If the level of the solution is above the 1mL line, squeeze the extra amount back into the bottle. 
  2. Next, place the tip of the dropper near the part of the scalp you want to treat and gently squeeze the bulb to gradually release the solution.  To prevent the solution from running off the scalp, apply a small amount at a time. 
  3. After each use attach the dropper to the bottle to make it child-resistant by turning it clockwise until tightly closed. 

Getting the Most from Rogaine Products

Women experience a general thinning of the hair, with the most extensive hair loss occurring on the top of the head and along the part.  Often the hair loss experienced by women resembles an evergreen pattern.  

In men, hair loss is characterized by a receding hairline and a gradual disappearance of hair from the crown (vertex).

Hair Styling Tips

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