The Minoxidil Effect

Go inside the science behind minoxidil, the active ingredient in Women’s ROGAINE® Foam.

The active ingredient in Women's ROGAINE® Foam is minoxidil. The topical foam acts on the follicles themselves. In hereditary hair loss, a combination of genetics, hormones, and age causes a progressive shrinking, or miniaturization, of certain scalp follicles and a shortening of the hair's growing cycle. Over time, the active growth phase becomes shorter, growing smaller and finer hairs with each cycle. Eventually, there may be no growth at all.

The exact mechanism of action of Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is uncertain. However, researchers believe that Women’s ROGAINE® Foam works in part by lengthening the time that hair spends in its active growth phase, and by restoring the size of the inactive hair follicles so that they can return to producing thick, long strands of hair. Minoxidil revives the inactive follicles sitting near the scalp surface, nudging them from their resting phase (known as telogen) into their growth phase (known as anagen). With more follicles in the growth phase at the same time, it is possible to see improved coverage of the scalp with beautiful, thicker hair.