Tiarra's Thinning Hair Edges Regrowth


How Women's Rogaine® helped me

Hair Treatment Profile: Thinning edges, curly

Tiarra M.

Tiarra Monet is a 24-year old New Yorker, entrepreneur and beauty blogger who has been living with hereditary hair thinning for as long as she can remember. Over the years she's parted her hair strategically to mask it, along with other products like hair mascara, but now she's embarking on a hair regrowth journey with Women’s ROGAINE®, and she's taking us all with her.

In this video, Tiarra reveals all the ways she's tried to mask her thinning edges in the past, and why she knows she's finally found a real answer in Women’s ROGAINE® Foam.

Tiarra shows off her new hair growth after a few months of using Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, and offers her advice for girls who want to try Women’s ROGAINE® for themselves.