Tips for Thinning Hair


How Women's Rogaine® helped me

Hair Treatment Profile: Thinning at top, curly


Alyson has been wearing the same hairstyle for years because of her thinning hair. Her advice for those with thinning, curly hair is to use products that are light But sticking with hairstyles for thinning hair may become boring. Why cover up thinning hair when you can regrow thin hair? With Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, Alyson will get the chance to try something other than her thinning hair styles. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam revives hair follicles to help regrow thicker, beautiful hair. To learn more about reviving hair follicles, visit: in order to give hair definition.
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Alyson has always worried about her curly, thinning hair, and looked to Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with 5% minoxidil to help her regrow her hair and her confidence. Incorporating it into her daily beauty routine, within 4 months, Allison saw new hair growth and a fuller scalp. She is excited to see thicker, more luscious hair as she continues to use Women’s ROGAINE® on her hair regrowth journey. To learn more about how Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with 5% minoxidil can help you regrow your thin hair, visit: