Kasey's Thinning Hairline Regrowth story


How Women's Rogaine® helped me

Hair Treatment Profile: Thinning at hairline, fine


Kasey is a passionate beauty vlogger, mom and the creator of Still GlamorUs Cosmetics. She also happens to have thinning hair. That's why she's embarking on a Women’s ROGAINE® hair regrowth journey, and she's taking us with her through her vlogs.

Kasey reveals her concerns about thinning hair, and why she's excited to try Women’s ROGAINE® Foam.

Kasey explains how she's incorporated Women’s ROGAINE® Foam into her everyday beauty routine- and why she's happy about her results after just a couple months of use.

Kasey has used Women's ROGAINE® Foam every day for four months! See her hair today and hear her answer questions such as what happens if you stop using ROGAINE® Foam, how soon to expect to see results, and more.