Thinning Hair Part Regrowth Journey


How Women's Rogaine® helped me

Hair Treatment Profile: Thinning at part, straight

Jamie S.

Jaime Stone is a former beauty and fashion publicist turned blogger who first noticed her hair was thinning in 2009. Although she admits she "completely panicked" about the discovery, she was surprised to learn from her trichologist (scalp and hair health specialist) that once-a-day Women’s ROGAINE® Foam could truly regrow hair. Today, she's the brand ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, and she's taking us all on a six-month video journey through her hair regrowth.

Watch Jamie talk about her new role as Brand Ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE® Foam - and why she's decided to give it a try.

Hear Jamie Stone talk about the new hair growth she's seen since using Women’s ROGAINE® Foam for 3 months. (Even her stylist noticed!)