Tips for Thinning Hair


How Women's Rogaine® helped me

Hair Treatment Profile: Thinning hair, fine


There are plenty of thin hair care tips to manage hair thinning, like washing hair in colder water, letting hair air dry, and only using conditioner to moisturize the body of the hair. Listen in as Karen shares her top secrets of managing thinning and thin hair. Treating hair loss is simple. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with 5% minoxidil helps regrow hair, effectively helping women turn their hair loss into healthier, fuller hair. To learn more how Women’s ROGAINE® Foam can help you with your hair loss solutions, visit:

Karen discusses how simple it is to apply Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with 5% minoxodil and how it has helped her with her female hair loss. Within a few months of daily application, Karen saw healthier, thicker hair, improved hair texture, and new hair growth. She cites Women’s ROGAINE® Foam as the hair loss treatment for women suffering from thinning hair. To learn more about how Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with 5% minoxidil can help you with your hair loss, visit: