Hairstyle for Long, Thin Hair


How Women's Rogaine® helped me

Hair Treatment Profile: Thinning hair, wavy


In this video, Mary discusses a topic she’s a little sensitive about—thinning hair. Mary never expected to experience thinning hair since her hair had always been thick, but in her early 40s she and her hair stylist both noticed that her hair was visibly thinning. Hear what she thinks about starting a new journey with Women’s ROGAINE®!

There are many hairstyles for thin hair. Listen as Mary talks about her thin hair tips that help make her thin hair appear thicker and fuller. However, hairstyles can only take you so far. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with 5% minoxidil can help treat hair thinning, and help hair regrow. Minoxidil helps hair shed its old, thin hair to make room for healthier, beautiful hair to grow. To learn more about how Women’s ROGAINE® works, and to start your hair regrowth journey, visit: